4 easy ways for better food presentation

At the end of the day we are so tired that we only look forward to having food however it may look, but, imagine going to a restaurant and the food being served to you is just unappealing, even though it may taste fantastic the first impression of the dish won’t provoke you to taste it.

This is where food presentation comes into play. It has been researched and said that food that looks good is much more tempting and even forms a pre-concept of its taste as visual appeal affects the human psychology.

It is similar to the saying ‘first impression is the last impression’ and that cleary applies to food too, and, apart from taste the visual appearance of your palate is a major contributor to its success.

Food presentation is much like an art form involving a balance of colors, textures, and flavors. But it isn’t rocket science once you get the hang of it, you can easily impress people with your creative and magical food which tastes not only good but also looks good.

So, here are four very simple ways for presenting your food in a better way.


Honestly the plate isn’t a truck so do not try to load it up with mountains of food! However lovely and delicious your cooking may be, try to put small quantities at a time to serve your guests to tempt them to get a 2nd serving, this technique is used by a lot of restaurants to lure customers into asking for more. Also, nobody would find having an ocean of sauce with icebergs of chicken floating in it very attractive so keep it simple with an appreciable amount of serving.


One should try incorporating various textures into a dish such as combining something which has a crunch with a smooth texture such as that of a mousse with nuts, another example is spicy fish with a cooling side salad of lettuce. This not only helps in combining a variety of tastes but also provides balance to the flavors.you can even use sauces to garnish or even dips to add a punch of flavor and color.


Add color to your dishes by using the food color palate. Herbs can be utilized as a garnish to get the green color. Cherry tomatoes or beetroot strips can be used for red color, cheese and mushrooms for a white color and various other vegetables such as carrots can also be used. For desserts, many fruits can be used as an accompaniment to enhance the color as well as the flavor ranging from cherries to kiwis and mangoes. Dry fruits also work for well for garnishing some dishes.


Yes, this tip is the most important of all if only a single item is being served, try to place it exactly in the center of the plate keeping about an inch and a half, of distance from the edges of the plate.

This will take of focus of the guest to the dish being served and nothing else. (Bullseye if you will ūüėČ

These are simple tricks that can help you present your dishes in a visually appealing way.

6 Most Difficult Dishes to Cook

Do you feel that your passion is in cooking? Do you believe that food makes you a happy man? Well, a lot of people constantly look to improve their skills by preparing complicated dishes? There are a lot of restaurants which serve food that is really difficult to make or involves a lot of risks in getting the food served. So if you feel that you can overcome the tough challenges of cooking, here are the 6 Most Difficult Dishes to Cook! But remember if anything goes wrong, you might end up in a big mess with the food! Try challenging these:

Salt-Crusted Fish

Having a chef making the Salt-Crusted Fish in a restaurant is a splendid thing to eat. But have you imagined how difficult will it be to make the item? Despite the look of the fish which seems to be buried in salt, the taste is different! There are chances that dish might be too salty because salt crystals leak into the fish. This never happens in a restaurant, but most home cooks face this problem. So if you are going to try this, better be prepared to overcome the challenge.

This is how you present it
This is how you present it


The Macarons may not be so tough to make, and in a city where there is high humidity, the challenge intensifies. The combination of egg white, sugar, flour, and almond and cookie sheet are tough to handle, and the mess is almost guaranteed. This is one crazy dish to make at home!

Lemon Meringue Pie

Luckily we have the prepackaged products which help us to make the Lemon Meringue Pie! But if you are insisting on making the Lemon Meringue Pie from scratch, it is a tedious thing to do. You need to get a lot of things perfectly combined and mixed! A single mistake may ruin the natural taste!


Anything on the Flambéed may just be a difficult thing to try at home. We often enjoy Flambéed food at the restaurant as it is great to watch and consume, but trying this at home may just be more than risky. It has chances of catching fire. So beware of trying this at your home!

Molten Lava Cakes

Molten Lava Cakes- A bite of the cake and the chocolate lava comes out from the cake! It’s indeed a beautiful thing to watch and the way it melts in your mouth is amazing. Cafes now have mastered the art of preparing stunning lava cakes, but trying this at home can lead to a big mess. If anything goes undercooked, the lava inside the cake melts out before it is served!

Boeuf Bourguignon

This is also a unique item which we enjoy in most of the restaurants! Well, making the Boeuf Bourguignon at your home is more complicated than what you think! For starters, overcooking the beef will not just lead you into trouble but will get every hard work ruined in a flash! You need a hell lot of practice to prepare this my friend.

However, a good trick to present Boeuf Bourguignon is by using fresh lettuce. You can get fresh lettuce from the market, now you grow them in your very home. You can try out aerogarden bounty with herb kit which is a hydroponic system that helps you grow salads using liquid nutrients. A good alternative for beginners is aerogarden ultra led which comes in a smaller footprint.

So these were some of the most challenging dishes to prepare and plate at home. If you manage to prepare one of these do share with us and you stand a chance of being featured on the presentation ninjas page.

How to Decorate Food like a pro

Are you planning to invite guests to your home for dinner or lunch? Well, an invitation of guests to your home requires great food arrangement as well. So if you are planning to throw a small party, remember to decorate the food like a pro. It is obvious that everyone cannot decorate food like a pro and this is the reason why most of the people do not enjoy their food. However, if you have already prepared the meal, it is time to know some tips that can help you improve your presentation skills.

Step 1:

Before you serve the food first confirm that either the food is served hot or cold or at room temperature as it should be. If any gravy dish is served at room temperature with the meal, no one will like to consume it, and the decorating efforts will be of no use at all. Thus always do check whether the food is served at the required temperature or not.

Step 2:

Arrangements of the proper utensils such as glassware, bowls, cups, spoons, knives or even others are always necessary. Always remember to serve the food in its proper dish so that the food looks good naturally. Now if you are thinking to serve a small cake on a large plate, it would be a mess. Proportions are key my friend!

Step 3:

Now if the food is ready to be served, just apply little things to make it look naturally beautiful. If you are serving ice cream, just top it with choco chips and if you are serving any meat, just top it with some small herbs to bring the natural glaze out of the food!

Step 4:

Make sure slices are perfectly cut. If you are serving one slice of cake, always remember to make it a perfect cut. The more you slice the whole cake evenly; it looks much delicious for everyone to have. So make sure that you are serving the food with evenly cut slices.

Here is an example –


Step 5:

Make it colourful! Yes, if you are planning to serve a meat dish, just make sure that it is colourful. Even if you have cooked the food in white sauce, top it with colourful bell peppers to attract your guests. But remember one thing that you must not overload it with vegetables or bell peppers!

Step 6:

Do not overload any item in a single plate. Yes, it almost looks that you do not have any more utensils left in your house. Always try to serve small but clean! If there are a lot of guests at your home, consider in evenly distributing the food in small plates. It may look small but will indeed be attractive.

Step 7:

Use your thought! Yes, there can be no one better than your imagination to decorate the food. If you have cooked the whole food with love, then add some more love to decorate it and make it look wonderful for your guests.

There are many more tips which you may find out to decorate your food. However, you must try out these to make sure that the food is going perfectly decorated!